New to Signal Alert?

Get to know how you can get started with our service.

How many signals do I receive?

It is hard to pinpoint the exact amount of signals we provide due to the ever changing market. We update our free and premium channels on the daily with news, market trends, important information, technical and fundamental analysis and signal(s).

Is your service free of risk?

Our services are not completely free of risk. We strive to make it as accurate as possible. The exchanges we use and information we provide has high standards. Even though we try to make it as risk-free as possible, you’re trading on a highly volatile and speculative market. The world of cryptocurrency has been exploited with bad intentions and therefore we are not liable for the usage of Signal Alert.

Is profit guaranteed?

Profit is not guaranteed with the usage of our channels. We strive to provide qualitative signals but the market remains a new and volatile space. Always conduct your own research and strategies.

Do I need additional systems?

To use our signals you do not need any additional soft- or hardware. We deploy our signals on telegram which is free of use.